Who We Are

“United in Christ we will proclaim the Gospel, administer the Sacraments, and provide Christian education to children and adults in a supportive and nurturing environment.”
 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission Statement

Who Are Lutherans?
Our beliefs come directly from the Bible and are organized around the principles of “Grace Alone,” ”Faith Alone,” and “Scripture Alone.”

This means we believe our salvation from the punishment of our sin is not based on anything we do, but soley on God’s grace. We believe that it is only through the faith that God creates in us that we are saved and not by any work. We believe that Scripture (the Old and New Testaments of the Bible) is the sole rule and norm for Christian doctrine.

Today, there are 66 million Lutherans belonging to 250 different autonomous Lutheran churches around the world. The 9.5 million Lutherans in North America belong to 21 different church bodies. The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, with 2.5 million baptized members, is the second largest Lutheran church body in North America and the 11th largest denomination in the USA. For more information on the LCMS, check out this website.

Trinity’s History
On May 30, 1920 the church was organized by 10 charter members. Our first Pastor, Rev. Louis J. Roehm, served from 1921-1931. During his service, the church purchased a house and lot on 34th and Omohundro Ave. in Norfolk in 1921.

In February 1923, a small chapel was dedicated on the lot and it served as the primary location for services through 1945.

Our second pastor, Rev. Paul A. Plawin, served from 1931-1966. Under Pastor Plawin, a majority of Trinity’s construction projects took place, beginning with the purchase of the current church site at Granby and West Belvedere in May, 1940.

In Sept., 1944, construction began on the main building and it was completed one year later in 1945. Also in 1945, the school’s kindergarten was organized. In 1952, Belvedere Hall and the North Transept were constructed, followed in 1954 by the South Transept. The last major project under Pastor Plawin was the education building, dedicated on May 19, 1963.

Succeeding Pastor Plawin have been Rev. William M. Bliese, 1967-1974; Rev. Arthur W. Meyer, 1974-1985; Rev. Daniel H. Quiram, 1986-1997; Rev. James P. O’Connor, 1998-2009; Rev. David W. Smith 2010-2013.

Today, Trinity focuses on preaching and teaching Christ crucified to the entire Hampton Roads community. We have a special emphasis in serving the community through Trinity Lutheran School and ministering to military personnel and their families.